Why You Should Take Your Business To The Cloud?

In this fast-running world where everything is just a click away, there are many who are still stuck with old traditional methods of running their businesses. Many still maintain their data on excel or use offline software, which is great at the initial level but, trouble begins when the business grows.

With increasing complexities in the business, growing employees, and expansion, managing data on the excel or offline software acts as a burden for many. This is when cloud-based software comes into the picture.

Nowadays, Automation and Cloud ERP are critical to advancement as the owner can operate from anywhere and anytime. And, if you are searching for quality software that covers both aspects, then Zenscale has the perfect solution.

In this blog, we will discuss the major differences between cloud software and offline software. We will delve into the various advantages and disadvantages that users may get when using cloud-based software vs. desktop software. To make an informed decision, have a look at their differences and check which one falls to your checklist:

Cloud Business Solutions

Offline ERP Solutions

Cloud-Based Online Software; Remotely Available

On-Premises Software; Only Available Offline.

Accessible to Use and Understandable

Complicated and Difficult

Configurable and Detailed

Customization is minimal

Flexible and Adaptable

Limited Access and Not Flexible

Minimum Onboarding Time to up to 3-4 Sessions of 1 Hour each

Can Take 6-12 months in Implementation & Training

Comes with an Android App & iOS Browser

Only offline software, No Apps

API Integrations Available

Limited to in-built process

No risk of losing database with everything on the cloud

Quite a high risk of Data Loss and Intrusion

Free of Cost Automatic Updates

Merely useful updates

Mapped according to Business Requirement

Feature-wise designed

Suitable for multiple branches connectivity

Only for single branch management



ERP Solutions have become the need of the hour in today’s time. Automation is the key every business owner needs to unlock their growth & development. However, it is vital to check solution is best suited for you! Choose the best and ease out your processes so that you can focus on enlargement and not micromanagement in your company.

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